A HayPatch Halloween


Those who arrived safely, munched, carved and bobbed!

The food was plentiful and in true Halloween spirit. (Seeing how Jell-O is supposedly a Utah favorite, it is curious that the moldy pumpkin, black version was barely touched.)

Venturing out into the fluffy snow to bob for apples(...err...pears!), Dave, Ivan, Blake and Sam all took their turn into the frigid water. Funny thing, however...no one wanted to bob in the water more than once. Hmmm...curious.

Voted the best overall costume, a tie between Blake as the miner and Hailey as beautiful Snow White. (How appropriate for such a snowy Halloween!) The scariest costume award went to Bob with his Grim Reaper look.

Also, there was a marathon story writing session on the 'fridge. Glow in the dark magnetic poetry kits are fun!

Right before everyone departed, a group of strangely familiar faces appeared! See below for photographic proof!













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